Have you noticed missing tiles on your roof? Do you have a leaking roof?

Best to call in the experts at We Fix Roofing & Guttering before the small repair gets bigger and costlier to fix. Call on either London 020 8528 3363 or Surrey 01372 626116 or for emergency storm damage repairs call 07444 182082.

Rainwater can find its way into the smallest of gaps, but it can cause havoc especially where your roof is concerned. Water leaking directly into the loft can cause a build up of condensation which in turn can rot away timber joists and rafters.

Guttering that is blocked can direct the water down onto your brickwork, if it is not sorted out then over time the water will eat into your walls eventually resulting in mould and damp forming inside your home.

Either of these scenarios can result in hefty roof repair bills. When the once small repair gets so big, the only option is to have a new roof installed.

So, to avoid this situation, if you have any doubt at all that your roof needs the smallest of repairs, best to call We Fix Roofing & Guttering, we´ve got you covered!

Our friendly team will pay you a visit and give you a full assessment of your roof pointing out what repairs need to be addressed to make your roof watertight again.

Our quotations come with no obligation and with affordable prices attached.

All of our roofing repair work is fully guaranteed, and we do not require a deposit before we get started.

So, give our friendly team a call today at We Fix Roofing & Guttering on either London 020 8528 3363 or Surrey 01372 626116, we look forward to speaking to you about your roofing repair requirements.